Different types of AC and there uses

20 April 2019 Admin

Summer is yet to come to India. Before that, you might think to install AC in your house. But do you know there are 6 types of AC available in the market? How you could choose the best one for you?

In this article, we will discuss every type of ACs and there uses so that you can understand different types of AC and choose accordingly.

Types of AC:

Central air conditioners:

It is the most common type of AC that cools the large house, offices, hospitals or shopping malls. It has a huge cooling capacity.

The system has a cooling compressor, which is located outside the home. It is the main part of any AC. This actually compresses refrigerant that cools the air using a fan.

Another most important part of a central air conditioner is, return ducts. It is necessary to circulate cool air all over the house.

Installing a central air conditioning system requires a lot of planning and skilled technicians. Luckily we have world-class technicians who can install and manage your central AC. So, if you want to install a central Air conditioner in your home or workplace please contact us.

Window Air Conditioners:

Window Air Conditioners are the most common AC installed in previous days. As it fitted on any window, this is called windows AC.

It is a single unit AC that cool one room at a time. The cooling capacity is very limited. So if you want to install AC in any large room we strongly recommend not to buy a windows AC. It is very good for small rooms.

Ductless, split air conditioner:

It is most commonly used in houses and small offices in Kolkata. Like central AC, it is divided into two parts. One is the internal unit another is an external unit. The compressor has fitted in the external unit.

It is not necessary to have one internal unit and one external unit in a ductless AC system. Many split AC has two, three or even four indoor units.

So if you are looking for an AC that can cool your small house or office, go for it.

Portable air conditioner:

The portable air conditioner is a compact AC that content compressor and all other components. It is very similar to a windows AC. If you have a room where you can't install windows or Ductless split AC you may buy a portable AC.

As the cooling power is very limited, you can't use it in a large room. The main benefit is portability. You can move this type of ACs from one place to another place easily.

Hybrid AC:

The hybrid AC is basically an AC along with a heater. It pulls heat from home in summer and pumps heat in the home in winter.

Geothermal Heating and Cooling:

Geothermal AC is an energy efficient AC that becoming popular in the world. As the ground temperature remains a genuinely predictable 55 degrees regardless of how hot or cold it is in the climate, geothermal innovation can separate the warmth from underneath and move it into your home.

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