Microwave oven repair and services in Kolkata

Techno Plus is one of the best microwave oven repair and services center in Kolkata. We are the complete solution for all of your microwave needs. Convection, Grill, Solo or Oven toaster grill microwave oven, Techno Plus repairs all kinds of micro-oven. With over 19 years of experience in microwave oven servicing, we are the most dominating microwave repair center in Kolkata.

Our experienced technicians are very professional and dedicated to their job. They diagnose the problem first then repair or replace the faulted parts. Any time anywhere any problem with your microwave oven just make a call to Techno Plus, our technicians will visit your place and repair your microwave oven.

Common problems of microwave ovens and our solutions

Not heating or low heating

It is the most common problem with the micro oven. Generally, the reason for this problem is magnetron failure. This parts use high voltage electric current to produce an electromagnetic wave. It’s impossible to repair if it burns completely, so we suggest to replace it if this happens to you.

Also, this problem may happen when the capacitor burned out or any type of transformer failure. So it’s very important to identify the problem first.

Low heating is another major problem with a micro oven. This can happen due to several reasons. Damaged rectifiers or capacitor are the most common cause of this issue.

Run but Stop Automatically

This problem can occur due to many reasons. Transformer failure, damaged door switch or any touchpad problem can be the cause of this issue. Sometime this may happen due to overheating as the fan motor got harm.

Microwave buttons not working

If the buttons of your microwave oven don't work properly, that's mean it's possible that the touch-pad or the control panel is defective. Also, this problem may occur due to a defective control board.

Stop spinning the plate

This is another common problem with any microwave oven. A motor has placed under the spinning plate. When it burned or got damage, this problem may occur. Although, this is not the only reason to stuck the spinning plate. This may also happen due to any problem of main control board or touchpad.

Microwave light auto on/off

Every micro oven has a small bulb behind the grill. Which automatically switched on when the microwave runs. If the bulb fused or if the bulb socket or the wiring got damage, the auto operation stop. Also, this may happen when the control board fails to send the required electric flow.


It is the most dangers and scary problem. But it is the most common problem of a microwave oven. If this happens with your microwave, just switch it off and call us. There may have many reasons for this problem. A damaged waveguide, rectifier burn, damaged rack or wiring fault may cause sparking.

Noise inside the oven

Noise is another common problem of a microwave. This may happen due to any reason, but in most cases, it happens due to spinning motor or convection motor or fan motor failure. The bearings of these motors can make a bad sound.

If this happens with your microwave, don't switch on it and call Techno Plus immediately.

MCB Tripping

Sometimes this problem occurs when your MCB tripping after switch on the micro oven. This may cause a damaged rectifier, capacitor or a faulty magnetron. In many occasion, short transformers are also the reason for MCB Tripping.

Door switch issue

There are door switches placed in every microwave. The function of this is starting operation after closing the door properly. If the door switch brocks-down or not working properly, your microwave may turn off after running for a few seconds.

Defective touch-pad or knobs

Some microwave ovens have touchpads others has a knob. It is one of the most vital parts of an oven. The touch-pad or the knob receive the information and do the operation according to it. If your microwave stops suddenly, there may be a fault in the touchpad.

In this case, call us as we are the no.1 microwave oven repairing company in Kolkata.

Transformer problem

There is a high voltage transformer present in every microwave oven, that charge the magnetron. This magnetron emits radio waves to heat your food. If the transformer gets damaged, there will be a heating issue in your oven.

Cooling fan issue

There is a cooling fan placed in every microwave to keep cool the magnetron. If the fan doesn't turn on automatically, the circuit stops the operation.

Some microwaves have an air vent to keep it cool during operation. If the air vent gets stuck with dust, the microwave can't run for a long time.

If you are facing any issue with your microwave oven, it’s good to call us. As "Techno Plus" is the best microwave oven repair company in Kolkata.

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