AC repair in Kolkata

Welcome to Techno Plus, the best and most professional AC repairing center in Kolkata. We are the No.1 AC repairing company in Kolkata, India.

Our professional technicians are the best in their job. Therefore they always try to solve your AC problems fast and affordable. Our all engineers and technicians are very experienced and highly qualified. As a result Techno Plus is the complete solution for your air conditioner repair. Above all, we treat our clients with utmost care and respect.

Nowadays, AC has become a part of our urban life. It is no more a luxury. As we are habituated with this, it is very tough to live without it. And our job is to provide you uninterrupted cool and comfortable airflow all the time especially in the summer.

With the vision of understanding our client's requirements and builds good relationships with our clients, we have created Techno Plus. We not only repair AC for you but also provide full lifetime technical service for any client. And this makes us unique.

Although we are a Kolkata based professional AC repair company, we also provided microwave oven repairing, cold storage room, refrigerator and washing machine services. We understand your vision like no other company and work according to your requirements.

What service we provide?

With the help of our skilled and trained professionals, we provide all type of AC repairing solution. We do dry servicing, water cleaning, cooling coil, and runner unit cleaning, gas pressure & Compressor repairing, motor noise detection & fan blade repairing. We can solve all type of AC problems.

Besides repairing and maintenance work, we also provide AC installation, AC un-installation, and on-demand AC rent services.

Air conditioner AMC

We offer the most reliable and cheap AC AMC services. Our maintenance contract covers your AC completely. AMC is the ultimate relaxation for you. You don’t need to worry about your repairing bill, once you do AMC.

What is done during a routine service and maintenance of an AC:

Types of AC, we repair

In Techno Plus, we do all type of AC repairing and maintenance job. Our experienced AC mechanics are very capable to fix all of your AC problems. Here we repair all kind of air conditioners. For example, split AC, window AC, Inverter AC to cassette AC even we repair Ductable AC, Tower AC and Central Plant Unit (Central AC).

So, next time if you have any AC related problem, feel free to contact Techno Plus.

Help Line Number (24x7) : 9830159565